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Watermelon is a hydrating fruit that continues to be integral to each family throughout the summer time. A relaxing, juicy watermelon appears like a breath of contemporary cool air within the scorching summer time months.

Everybody enjoys consuming watermelon, however the query of whether or not or not folks with diabetes can devour this fruit will get raised continuously.

This debate stems from the candy style of this delectable meals. Nonetheless, opposite to the widespread assumption that it primarily incorporates water and sugar, watermelon is wealthy in vitamins.

Watermelon Dietary Worth

Based on the USDA, watermelon has the next vitamins per 100g.

  • Power: 30 kcal
  • Water: 91.4 g
  • Carbohydrate: 7.55 g
  • Protein: 0.61 g
  • Fats: 0.15 g
  • Sugar: 6.2 g
  • Fibre: 0.4 g 
  • Sugar – 6.2 grams 
  • Vitamin C – 8.1 mg

The advantageous bioactive parts of watermelon can deal with quite a lot of illnesses. Watermelons are nice in your intestine and coronary heart well being and kidney capabilities.

As per analysis, watermelons can facilitate weight reduction as nicely. Based on a examine, watermelons can cut back irritation, probably reducing the danger of malignancies resembling breast, abdomen, colon, and lung.

Moreover,  analysis proves that watermelons increase the physique’s immune response and assist handle hypertension by enhancing blood circulation. 

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Circling again to our predominant concern, folks with diabetes can take pleasure in this fruit by making strategic choices about how a lot to eat and find out how to devour it. Proceed studying to be taught extra concerning the affiliation between watermelon and blood sugar.

Watermelon for Diabetes – Glycemic Index (GI)

Merely put, diabetes is a situation characterised by elevated blood sugar ranges. As we already know, one of many main causes of diabetes is the hampered insulin launch by the beta cells within the pancreas.

These cells are accountable for secreting the hormone insulin, which helps regulate blood glucose ranges. Many extreme issues, resembling eye harm, cardiac points, nephropathy and neuropathy and many others, can develop in the long term if you don’t handle your blood sugar ranges. 

Watermelons have a marvellous nutrient profile, containing excessive moisture content material and potent health-promoting chemical substances. Nonetheless, watermelon’s glycemic index (GI) is 80, and thus portion management is a prerequisite for diabetics when consuming it.  Moreover, although watermelon has a comparatively low carbohydrate content material we can not rule out the truth that it can also trigger blood sugar ranges to extend. 

Carbohydrate transforms into blood glucose or blood sugar after being digested. Due to this fact, the quantity of carbohydrates you devour is proportional to the quantity of glucose/ sugar coming into the blood.

Nonetheless, watermelon’s excessive fibre content material balances out the carbohydrate impact to some extent and doesn’t let it considerably elevate blood glucose ranges if consumed carefully.

Is Watermelon Good for Diabetic Affected person?

Whereas extra analysis is required on this area, analysis findings on watermelon and diabetes present that if consumed in applicable quantities, watermelon may reduce diabetes issues.

Regulating the amount of consumption can forestall watermelon from negatively affecting your blood sugar ranges. Having stated that, it ought to all the time be saved in thoughts that extra and frequent consumption of watermelon might result in blood glucose spikes and nullify its optimistic results. 

Based on investigations, hyperglycemia sufferers usually tend to expertise cardiac issues. Elevated oxidative stress and LDL oxidation are the principle contributing elements to this situation. 

Excessive glycemic meals considerably improve glucose, and their auto-oxidation produces free radicals and cell harm. Nonetheless, lycopene, an antioxidant, happens naturally in watermelon and has hypoglycemic motion.

Lycopene aids within the battle towards free radicals and lowers the danger of diabetes, coronary heart illness, and different circumstances. It’s related as a result of cardiovascular ailments account for 68% of deaths in adults with diabetes over the age of 65. Research additionally present that lycopene extract tremendously enhances lipid and glucose metabolism.

The HealthifyMe Word

When consumed carefully (i.e., 100-150 grams, 2-3 days every week) watermelon could be useful for folks with diabetes. One might have watermelons with fibrous fruits to additional negate its results of getting a excessive GI of 80. Moreover, it’s advisable to observe your blood sugar ranges after consuming watermelon to maintain a tab on its impact on you. Take a look at your blood glucose 1-2 hours after consuming watermelon utilizing a CGM or glucometer. In case your blood sugar is 50 factors greater than the traditional vary, you have to reduce on the portion. Since everybody’s physique’s necessities differ it’s higher to seek the advice of an professional nutritionist to determine your portion dimension and the proper methods of consumption.  Nonetheless, the overall technique is to trace your carbs, perceive a meals’s glycemic index, and monitor your blood sugar ranges.

Nutritionist’s Recommendations on Consuming Watermelon Whereas Managing Diabetes

  • Restrict your day by day consumption of watermelon to 100 grams, no more than twice to thrice every week. 
  • Each a part of a watermelon is edible. Furthermore, the watermelon seeds are jam-packed with vitamins like omega-3, omega-6, zinc, proteins, potassium, and many others. therefore, it’s possible you’ll wish to strive having watermelon seeds too when having fun with the fruit. Mixing it together with your smoothie is an effective way to start out. 
  • Watermelons, owing to their excessive moisture content material, assist folks management their cravings for candy meals and maintain their stomachs fuller for longer. You may have it as a snack by mixing half a cup of diced watermelon with a cup of Greek yoghurt or including it to a salad.


Watermelons are an awesome hydrating fruit with almost 92% water. They’re additionally loaded with vitamins that provide a plethora of well being advantages starting from higher immunity, coronary heart well being, and kidney perform to improved nail and hair high quality. Nonetheless, they’ve a excessive sugar content material with a GI of 80 and thus diabetics ought to apply warning whereas having it. Apply portion management and pair your watermelon with fibrous meals and also you’re good to go! 

A great way to know the suitable quantity of watermelon you may devour without delay is by monitoring your blood sugar ranges pre and publish it consumption. You are able to do it utilizing the HealthifyPro CGM which comes with its set of different perks.

Often Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which fruit has essentially the most sugar?

A. Lychees have excessive sugar content material. In lots of desserts, it is also used as a sweetener. Bananas and mangoes are additionally wealthy in sugar content material. In comparison with contemporary fruits, dried fruits have excessive portions of sugar.

Q. Is watermelon excessive in carbs?

A. Watermelon, a candy summertime delicacy, is 92 per cent water and has the bottom carb content material of any fruit, with solely 7.5 g of carbohydrates per 100 g, based on the USDA.

Q. Do dried fruits elevate blood sugar?

A. Consuming dried fruits carefully won’t elevate your blood sugar. Dried fruits having a low or reasonable GI is greatest if you’re involved concerning the influence on blood sugar ranges. Nonetheless, dried fruits with excessive GI scores will considerably have an effect on blood sugar greater than low and reasonable GI ones. Due to this fact, all of it depends upon the sort and quantity of dried fruits you devour.

Q. What are the very best fruits for folks with diabetes to eat?

A. Any fruit with a low glycaemic index is deemed correct for consumption by diabetic sufferers. Such fruits embody apples, oranges, berries, guava, kiwi, dragon fruit, peaches, pomegranate and avocados.

Q. What’s the healthiest fruit?

A. Apples are arguably the healthiest fruit. These candy juicy treats are the best weight reduction fruits because of their high-fibre, low-calorie values. Consuming apples throughout breakfast or lunch will maintain you feeling lively all through the day. These fruits are an awesome non-caffeinated option to keep awake. When eaten complete, apples might help management your urge for food and cut back starvation.

Q. Which fruit is excessive in fibre?

A. Figs are high-fibre fruits. They’ve roughly 2.9 grams of fibre per 100 grams. Different fibre-rich fruits embody apples, oranges, apricots, blackberries and blueberries. It’s also possible to sprinkle pomegranate seeds to spice up the fibre of any salad.

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