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Pitta Physique Kind: Look and Traits of Pitta Persona Dosha


We needs to be conscious that the three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha—are current in every of our physique constitutions. The actual numeric and qualitative hyperlink between the three, nevertheless, is what made our physique kind.

Pitta dosha combines fireplace and water aspect, making it a fiery fluid form of physiological vitality. It’s the most well liked Dosha particularly in connection to fireplace. It has the power to boost physique temperature.

Transformation is the essence of Pitta. It evokes many potent traits in your physique and thoughts and is symbolic of vitality, warmth, or fireplace.

Pittas are typically mocked for being “hot-headed” or overbearing, but when they’re in steadiness, they’re compassionate, entrepreneurial spirits with the bravery to pursue their aspirations.

This text covers all the pieces you need to perceive concerning the Pitta physique kind and the way the Pitta dosha can have an effect on your bodily and psychological traits.

Traits of Pitta Physique Kind

As a pitta kind, your structure is clearly pitta dosha predominant, and also you undoubtedly have a plethora of similarities with many different pitta varieties who already possess that underlying attribute.

Listed here are some widespread traits of the Pitta individuals:

  • Medium physique construct – Pitta physique varieties are typical of medium construct and have a reasonable quantity of muscle mass. They are usually neither too tall nor too quick, with a well-proportioned physique.
  • Delicate, heat, oily pores and skin – Their pores and skin is commonly comfortable, heat, and barely oily, with a bent in direction of rashes, zits, and sensitivity to the solar when imbalanced.
  • Sturdy urge for food and digestion – They’ve a pointy urge for food and powerful digestion, however may endure from acid reflux disorder, heartburn, and irritation within the digestive system when imbalanced.
  • Heat physique temperature – Pitta varieties are inclined to have a heat physique temperature and may simply get overheated or sunburned.
  • Sharp mind and focus – They’ve a powerful mind and sharp thoughts, with wonderful focus and reminiscence abilities. Nonetheless, they will also be vulnerable to irritability, impatience, and anger when imbalanced.
  • Passionate, formidable – Emotionally, they’re passionate, formidable, and goal-oriented, with a love for management and success. They’re additionally inventive, creative, and revel in magnificence and aesthetics.
  • Perfectionistic, workaholic – Pitta varieties generally tend in direction of perfectionism and may change into workaholics if imbalanced, neglecting self-care and relaxation.
  • Average sleep sample – They could have a reasonable sleep sample and may get up feeling refreshed after a brief interval of sleep.

In nutshell, Pitta physique varieties have a medium physique construct with comfortable, heat, and barely oily pores and skin. They’ve a powerful urge for food and digestion however can endure from acid reflux disorder and irritation. They’ve a heat physique temperature and sharp mind however might be irritable and perfectionistic.

Allow us to see the traits of a pitta physique kind intimately:

Bodily traits of pitta Persona dosha

You may think about a lion or cat’s bodily look in terms of visualising a pitta physique kind character.

Bodily, the pitta physique kind is characterised by a dainty and slender physique form and a medium top. They’ve well-developed muscle tissues with an athletic construct. They could have sharp noses, intense eyes, and well-defined facial options. Because of the dominance of fireside aspect, their physique temperature tends to remain heat which is why they yearn for cool environment, meals, and drinks. 

Pittas stroll elegantly and stylishly and communicate in a loud, highly effective method. In sizzling environments, they perspire loads. Solar safety measures are essential for them as a result of they can not tolerate the solar.

Pitta individuals have a delicate digestive system, subsequently milk, some leafy greens, and spicy meals might trigger unfastened stools. They’ve a powerful sexual need.

Pitta people have the strongest digestive techniques. Their digestive system acts like an ever-expanding flame. That is why a Pitta individual mustn’t ever be allowed to go with out meals since their abrasive digestive secretions may trigger intestinal irritation and burn the liner of their abdomen.

Pitta physique kind: Angular Face

Typically talking, pitta individuals possess a heart-shaped facial construction with angular traits like a button nostril and a tapering chin. The bones, notably the jaw, and cheekbones, are noteworthy. 

Individuals with pitta natures sometimes have medium-sized lips. No indicators of chapping or dryness are current and stay moist. They’re extra liable to allergic rashes and swelling round their lips.

Pitta physique kind: Sharp Eyes

Pittas have sharp, light-coloured almond-shaped eyes.  The eyes are medium-sized and each the eyebrows and lashes are in proportion. A standard pitta trait is having critical eyes.

When pitta is imbalanced, low imaginative and prescient is a frequent drawback and is often delicate to sturdy gentle. Their eyes additionally are inclined to expertise burning sensations, redness, and ache within the eyes.

Pitta physique kind: Reddish and Oily Pores and skin

Pitta individuals have very delicate pores and skin which is vulnerable to blushing. Delicate pores and skin that often turns into barely greasy is attribute of Pitta individuals. When touched, their pores and skin feels heat and silky. They’re endowed with a stunning rosy glow and dewy regardless of their complexion. 

You may also discover freckles in some areas of the pores and skin.

The pitta pores and skin is especially prone to imbalance as a result of it is likely one of the important places the place the Pitta dwells within the physique. Their pores and skin will get greasy and weak to breakouts when issues are out of steadiness.

Pitta physique kind: Mild-hued Straight Hair

The hair of a Pitta individual is typical and straight. Pittas often have sensible pink hair, nevertheless, baldness or thinning hair and untimely greying are additionally frequent in them. 

Their hair can also be greasy because of the oily trait of pitta.

Genetics may end up in a wide range of hair hues for Pitta individuals, however their hair will at all times exhibit a reddish undertone.

Strong Nails

Medium-thick nails are attribute of these with a pitta nature or imbalance. They’re sturdy, have a darkish pink hue, and are troublesome to interrupt.

Pitta Physique Kind Emotional Traits

Listed here are some emotional traits of pitta physique varieties:

  • Pitta individuals are strong-willed and decisive, with a bent in direction of assertiveness and even aggression
  • They’re passionate and intense, with a drive to attain their targets and excel of their pursuits
  • Generally they are often crucial and judgmental, each of themselves and others
  • Pittas can change into simply pissed off and impatient when issues don’t go in response to plan
  • Pittas are vulnerable to anger and irritability, but in addition fast to forgive and let go of grudges
  • A pitta character might wrestle with jealousy and competitiveness, notably in skilled or inventive pursuits
  • They have an inclination to have excessive expectations of themselves and others and may change into simply dissatisfied when these expectations aren’t met
  • They will profit from practices that assist to domesticate endurance, compassion, and emotional steadiness

Pittas are pleasant, hospitable individuals. The real pleasure, fun-loving spirit, and sense of journey appeal to individuals. Associates view them as enthusiastic, trustworthy, rational, form, and sensible. 

They respect having clever chats and intense discussions but in addition have a depraved humorousness.

They cherish their “form” of individuals. 

Pitta people are identified for being too possessive and protecting of the individuals they care about. They’ve deep feelings and are usually thought-about passionate lovers. 

Pittas are sometimes extremely perceptive, form, and interesting people.

Some individuals are extra vulnerable to burnout because of their perfectionist tendencies, which might result in bodily, psychological, or emotional exhaustion.

Emotional stress has a big effect on pittas. When underneath stress, pittas change into hot-headed, cranky, and impatient. They’re fast to get indignant and make grating criticisms. They continuously see fault and assign blame. 

Pittas usually change into impatient, extraordinarily demanding, and management freakish with different individuals. They’ve an aggressive and jealous nature since their temperament is just like that of fireside.

On account of their aggressive mentality, they continuously interact in battle. They’re topic to violence and rage.

Pitta Psychological Traits

Pittas obtain a superb evening’s sleep, which helps them have extra vitality and put it to use extra effectively. They’re additionally topic to vivid goals and nightmares.

They’re extremely motivated innovators who get pleasure from being in cost and the highlight, and so they have a excessive diploma of vitality.

Pittas have a powerful sense of function, enthusiasm, and initiative and are able to being good leaders. They seize the reins and lead individuals with their imaginative and prescient and vigor when confronted with difficulties. Being brave and resolute, they excel underneath stress.

Pitta people are nice employees and consequently, might continuously wrestle with workaholism. 

Pittas possess nice consideration abilities and a pointy thoughts. They will simply choose up new concepts as their reminiscence is powerful. They’re additionally prone to be meticulous, and well-organized, and are sometimes profitable in occupations requiring a excessive diploma of consideration to element.

They may very well be exceptionally expert with numbers.

Pittas are inclined to have an beautiful sense of style in each meals and different areas of life. They most certainly haven’t any bother earning money, albeit they could continuously take pleasure in luxurious gadgets.


How the doshas may help us perceive each our strengths and our flaws is wonderful. By inspecting pitta’s basic traits and the way they will both promote or jeopardize your well being primarily based on how nicely they’re balanced or infected, we intend to assist deepen your consciousness.


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