Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Gun


the gun heard the primary shot     the gun thought it was a bursting pipe    the
gun heard the second shot and the third      and the fourth      the gun real-
ized this was not a pipe           the gun’s trainer instructed everybody to get on the
floor         the gun’s trainer went to lock the door        the gun noticed glass
break      and the trainer hunch      and bleed      and fall silent      the gun
texted its mother and father        and mentioned i like you        i’m so sorry for any hassle i’ve
prompted all these years       you imply a lot to me       i’m so sorry      the gun
thought it could by no means depart the classroom        the gun moved to a closet
crammed with a number of different shaking weapons       the gun texted its greatest mates in
the group chat to see in the event that they had been okay          the gun waited on a response
the gun obtained one     the gun didn’t obtain one other     the gun waited
for an hour    the gun heard the door kicked open    the gun was nonetheless    in
the closet   and didn’t know who had entered the room   the gun thought
this was the top       the gun considered promenade and commencement and faculty
and youngsters and all of the issues the gun would by no means have    the gun heard
extra bullets   the gun heard he’s down!   the gun climbed out of the closet
the gun put its palms on its head        the gun walked outdoors       the gun
noticed the cameras    the gun hugged its sobbing mom   and cried into her
arms    the gun heard ideas and prayers    the gun heard Second Amend-
    the gun heard lone wolf    the gun texted its buddy once more    the gun
waited for a message    the message by no means got here


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