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Halloumi cheese- High 10 Vitamin details and Well being advantages


Shopping for

Classical Cypriot halloumi is manufactured from sheep’s or goat’s milk from the breeds native to the area. The European Union acknowledges conventional Cyprus halloumi as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

It’s these days more and more being manufactured through the use of cow’s milk or a mix of sheep/goat’s milk to fulfill client demand.

Halloumi/Hellim is a semi-hard, white cheese with elastic, squeaky texture and impartial taste. Its physique is compact with no holes and has no apparent rind.

It characteristically has a excessive melting level, permitting it to be grilled, pan-seared, or fried.

Search for the date of manufacture, packing, and use-by whereas shopping for.

Halloumi samples that conformed to the Cypriot requirements for full-fat (25.75 ± 3.14%), reduced-fat (a minimum of 25% fats discount from full-fat), and low-fat (a minimum of 50% fats discount from full-fat).


Un-opened halloumi can retailer beneath 0°C for a lot of months. In case you any left-over halloumi you obtain an air-seal pack from a grocery, retailer it in home-made brine and place it within the fridge for utilizing in subsequent 2-4 weeks.

As soon as opened, it needs to be saved within the fridge to be used in subsequent 5-7 days, like feta.

Meals makes use of

Halloumi’s primary attribute is that it withstands warmth and has a excessive melting level. Cooking additionally removes its saltiness to an important extent and produces a crunchy crust on the skin and a gentle texture inside with an interesting milky taste.

It is a perfect cheese for frying or for grilling. Additionally it is consumed straight or in salads.

Halloumi cheese grilled
Halloumi cheese- grilled.
  • The halloumi can be consumed recent at room temperature in cheese platters, appetizers and sandwiches, topped on bread, salads, pizza, or pie, and even grated on a recent pasta.

  • Historically, Cypriots get pleasure from halloumi served in a watermelon salad throughout summer season months as a consequence of its crispy, squeaky texture and salty and recent lactic taste.

  • It is likely one of the cheeses employed in Saganaki, a pan-fried Greek appetizer.

Security profile

Halloumi cheese is certainly one of very excessive sodium and fats content material dairy gadgets in frequent with different brined cheeses like feta or domiati.

Excessive salt weight loss program might trigger water retention and elevated blood stress.

Halloumi composes about 15g of saturated fat/3.5 Oz, making it one of many excessive saturated fats meals gadgets. Saturated fat increase your LDL (dangerous) ldl cholesterol which will increase the danger for coronary heart illness and stroke.

(Medical Disclaimer: The data and reference guides on this web site are supposed solely for the overall data of the reader. It’s not for use to diagnose well being issues or for remedy functions. It’s not an alternative choice to medical care offered by a licensed and certified well being skilled. Please seek the advice of your well being care supplier for any recommendation on medicines.)

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