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Pecans Diet information and Well being advantages


Choice and storage

San Saba County in central Texas holds the status of “pecans capital of the world.” Pecans may be accessible within the markets yr round. Within the retailer, nevertheless, you may come throughout shelled, unshelled, salted, sweetened, and so forth. Attempt to purchase complete “un-shelled” or “with shell” nuts as an alternative of processed ones. They’re usually accessible in hermetic packs in addition to in bulk bins.

Search for the nuts that function off white colour, healthy-looking, compact, uniform in dimension and really feel heavy in hand. They need to be free from cracks
(aside from the pure cut up), molds, and spots and free from rancidity.

Pecan nut sheller

Uncooked complete pecan nuts are usually minimize open on the processing items utilizing a bigger sheller machines. Smaller nut-sheller machine or handheld pliers often are getting used for home functions.

Unshelled pecans may be positioned in a cool, dry place for a lot of months, whereas shelled (with out the shell) kernels (nuts) ought to be positioned inside an hermetic container and saved within the fridge to keep away from them flip rancid.

Culinary use

  • Uncooked pecans, like in walnuts, may be eaten both alone, salted or sweetened.
  • Pecan nuts are buttery in consistency but pleasantly candy in style. Excessive-fat content material in them makes them fantastic additions within the preparations of scrumptious recipes like pecan caramel puddles, pie, fudge, baklava, and muffins.
  • The kernels usually sprinkled over desserts, significantly sundaes, and bourbon ice lotions.
  • They extensively employed within the confectionery, as an addition to biscuits, sweets, and desserts.
  • The nuts are additionally used to make pecan butter, which is common unfold over bread, toast, and so forth.

Security profile

Pecans allergy is a type-1 (Ig-E mediated) hypersensitivity response in some folks to meals substances ready with these nuts. Generally, the allergic response could also be extra widespread in people with a historical past of prior publicity to the tree pollen and, thereby, developed antibodies. (Medical disclaimer).

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Additional Studying:

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  2. Stanford College of Medication Most cancers data Web page-Diet to Cut back Most cancers Danger (Hyperlink opens in new window).
  3. Agri Life Extension-Texas fruit and nut manufacturing– PDF.


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