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Pogo hops: one drill to spice up leg energy and stop accidents


Whereas your comfortably cushioned sneakers preserve you rolling alongside for hours, they might be stopping you from tapping into your physique’s pure elasticity. Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton, coauthors of Born to Run 2: The Final Coaching Information, recommend engaged on foot and leg energy to boost your capacity to certain alongside the bottom calmly, and tout leg stiffness as key.

Leg stiffness, the authors share, doesn’t imply (on this case) having tight muscle tissues or lowering vary of movement–slightly, it means making a stiff base in order that muscle tissues and tendons can recoil rapidly. The extra rapidly you rebound into the air, the much less possible you’ll get injured–in spite of everything, accidents occur when your ft meet the land slightly than mid-stride.

The extra rapidly you may spring off every leg, the much less your knee, calf, or Achilles tendon is compelled to assist your physique. To get began, strive including pogo hops into your weekly coaching routine.

Child jumping in puddles
Channel your inside puddle jumper with these pogo hops. Picture: Unsplash/Nathan Dumlao

Pogo hops

Pogo hops “interact the arch and calves to activate pure elastic leg vitality,” McDougall and Orton clarify. By working towards these, you’ll study to attenuate floor contact whereas enhancing elastic vitality.

Give attention to getting off the bottom rapidly, with brief bounces the purpose slightly than attaining peak. Do these in naked ft, if attainable–trainers are OK too.

Two ft

Hop rapidly up and down, leaping out of your ankles with as little knee flex as attainable–identical to you’d in a mosh pit, the authors recommend. Upon getting a very good pogo hop rhythm going, add some selection by leaping backward and forward, entrance to again, and wherever your hops lead you.

Hop for 30–45 seconds or till you may not pogo rapidly. Gradual pogo hops enhance floor contact time, so that you wish to keep away from them.

One foot

Pogo identical to you probably did earlier than, however with one foot solely.

Restrict these to 10–15 and cease earlier than you fatigue, limiting floor contact time.


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