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Yoni Mudra: Advantages, How one can Make and When to Keep away from it


yoni mudra
Palms in yoni mudra. Picture Supply: Instagram/Bumba Bee

Yoni Mudra is without doubt one of the highly effective hand mudras of yoga primarily centered on feminine power. On this mudra, the form of the fingers resembles the feminine genital organ.

There are quite a few advantages of Yoni Mudra. It will increase fertility in girls, improves blood circulation, and cultivates a way of inside peace, creativity, and female power.

On this article, we’ll delve deeper into the that means of Yoni Mudra, discover its advantages, discover ways to do it and talk about apply suggestions, precautions, and contraindications to make sure a protected and efficient apply.

Whether or not you’re a newbie or an skilled practitioner, this information will assist you harness the transformative energy of Yoni Mudra and convey steadiness to your physique, thoughts, and spirit.

What are Mudras?

Mudras are symbolic gestures which evoke a specific way of thinking used within the apply of yoga and meditation. They work on the precept of balancing 5 parts of the physique or Pancha mahabhutas:

In response to Ayurveda, these 5 parts are current in various levels in all issues, together with the human physique. As a way to preserve good well being, it’s crucial to steadiness the 5 parts of the physique.

Every finger of our hand represents one of many 5 parts or Pancha Mahabhutas.

  • The thumb represents the hearth (Agni) ingredient
  • The index finger represents air (Vayu)
  • The center finger represents ether (Akasha)
  • The ring finger represents earth (Prithvi)
  • The little finger represents water (Jala).

By understanding the connection between these parts and our fingers, we will use mudras or hand gestures to steadiness the power inside our physique and promote general well-being.

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What’s Yoni Mudra?

Yoni Mudra is a well-liked hand gesture of yoga during which the hand fingers make a diamond-like form much like the feminine genital organ.

In Sanskrit, Yoni refers back to the womb or feminine reproductive organs, particularly the vagina. Nevertheless, in a broader sense, yoni is commonly related to the idea of divine female power in Hinduism.

The uterus advantages from this mudra, which will increase fertility. Girls are thought to learn vastly from practising yoni mudra. It ensures {that a} girl’s reproductive system works at its greatest by addressing hormonal points.

Significance of Yoni Mudra

inside the womb or yoni

Because the womb is a darkish place from the place an unborn child seeks to come back out, Yoni mudra brings you out from the darkness of negativity and fills a light-weight inside you. Thus this mudra can be known as Jyoti mudra or the gesture of sunshine.

Yoni mudra in kriya yoga is practised as a closing leisure train. The goddess Kali, who’s a illustration of the Kundalini Shakti, is related to the Yoni mudra in Hinduism. Since this mudra lets you internalise, it’s utilized in Kundalini yoga. In Kundalini yoga, yoni mudra together with root lock (mula bandha) is taken into account an efficient train to awaken the kundalini.

Since yoni mudra resembles the feminine genital organ or womb, it’s related to the inventive energy of the universe and the potential for brand spanking new beginnings. It invokes female inventive energy that takes place within the womb and offers delivery to a child. In yogic philosophy, the yoni is seen as a logo of the divine female power or Shakti, which is related to creation, delivery, and fertility.

Yoni mudra additionally represents the womb that reveals a way of thinking once we exist on this world bodily however are minimize from the problems and tensions of the mundane world identical to an unborn child or growing fetus.

Particularly for girls, Yoni mudra fosters a way of empowerment and helps join with their female energy which promotes mindfulness of the womb.

Yoni mudra can assist us faucet into our female energy and instinct, permitting us to attach with our inside selves and the divine female power of the universe. We will obtain a state of deep leisure, inside peace, and non secular connection, whereas additionally experiencing bodily advantages akin to lowered stress and anxiousness, improved blood circulation, and elevated power ranges.

Ayurvedic Parts – Hearth and Air

In Yoni mudra, the index finger, which represents the air ingredient, is joined on the tip of the thumb, which is the finger of the hearth ingredient. Due to this fact, this mudra brings steadiness between air and hearth parts inside the physique.

When the air and hearth parts are in steadiness inside the physique, it may well result in a way of concord and stability. The air ingredient represents motion, creativity, and growth, whereas the hearth ingredient represents transformation, power, and fervour.

Yoni mudra combines the steadiness of air and hearth parts. By becoming a member of the index and thumb suggestions in a downward-pointing route, it redirects them in the direction of the pelvic flooring organs. This ends in elevated prana circulate, which might go away you feeling energized, centered, and motivated, all whereas sustaining a way of calmness and readability.

Relaxation three fingers (center, ring and little finger) and their related parts (ether, earth, and water) stay intact on this mudra apply.

Chakras – Root and sacral chakra

Root chakra image.
Sacral Chakra image

Yoni Mudra is related to the sacral and root chakra.

The sacral chakra is linked to the reproductive organs and governs feelings and creativity. By practising Yoni Mudra, the circulate of power to the sacral chakra is enhanced, which might result in elevated creativity and emotional stability.

Equally, the foundation chakra is related to grounding and stability, and Yoni Mudra supplies a way of leisure and grounding. This mudra brings steadiness to the foundation chakra, which can assist to launch stress and anxiousness and create a sense of stability and safety.

So, in abstract, Yoni Mudra is linked to the sacral chakra due to its results on reproductive organs and feelings, and to the foundation chakra as a consequence of its grounding and stress-free results.

Advantages of Yoni Mudra

This mudra helps to steadiness the air and hearth parts within the physique, and redirects power in the direction of the pelvic flooring organs, leading to an elevated circulate of prana in reproductive organs. A few of the well being advantages of yoni mudra embody improved digestion, enhanced fertility, lowered menstrual cramps, elevated pelvic flooring energy, lowered anxiousness and stress, and improved psychological readability and focus.

A examine revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Yoga Remedy discovered that yoni mudra can assist scale back the signs of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and enhance general menstrual well being in girls.

Moreover, skilled yoga instructor and therapist Jennifer Reis notes that yoni mudra can “assist girls join with the divine female inside themselves, enhancing their instinct and creativity, and selling self-love and acceptance.”

Therapeutically one of many potential advantages of yoni mudra is its potential to enhance fertility by growing blood circulate to the reproductive organs and balancing the hormones. It may also be useful mudra in lowering menstrual cramps, regulating the menstrual cycle, and relieving signs of menopause. Moreover, yoni mudra can enhance pelvic flooring energy and scale back urinary incontinence.

  1. Will increase focus and focus: Yoni mudra is a robust method that helps in growing focus and focus. It helps to calm the thoughts and improves psychological readability, permitting the practitioner to pay attention higher.
  2. Relieves anxiousness and stress: Yoni mudra is an efficient method for lowering anxiousness and stress. It helps to calm the nervous system, reduces stress within the physique, and promotes a way of calm and leisure.
  3. Promotes emotional steadiness: Yoni mudra is thought to advertise emotional steadiness by regulating the circulate of power within the physique. It helps to launch detrimental feelings, akin to anger, concern, and unhappiness and promotes a way of inside peace.
  4. Enhances sexual well being: Yoni mudra is taken into account to be useful for girls’s reproductive well being. It helps to control the menstrual cycle, alleviate menstrual cramps, and enhance general sexual well being.
  5. Boosts power ranges: Yoni mudra helps to enhance the circulate of prana or life drive power within the physique. This helps to extend vitality and increase power ranges, selling a way of general well-being.
  6. Enhances non secular consciousness: Yoni mudra is a robust device for enhancing non secular consciousness. It helps to activate the chakras, deepen the state of meditation, and join with increased states of consciousness.

How one can Make Yoni Mudra

yoni mudra hands
Picture supply: Shutterstock

To make yoni mudra, convey your fingers collectively in entrance of your coronary heart. Partially bend your center, ring and little fingers, becoming a member of them on the center portion. Lengthen your index fingers to make an ‘A’ form and the thumbs downward to kind a ‘V’ form. Flip your fingers the wrong way up and press the thumb becoming a member of tip on the navel, maintain for 10 minutes.

Observe the steps under to carry out it.

  • Sit comfortably in a meditative pose ideally in padmasana or sukhasana fingers resting in your knees.
  • Deliver your fingers collectively in entrance of your coronary heart, palm dealing with one another.
  • Bend your center, ring and little fingers on the center phalanx (centre joint of the finger) and be part of each fingers’ respective fingers on the center portion.
  • Lengthen your index fingers and be part of their tricks to make an ‘A’ like form.
  • Equally, lengthen the thumb downward and be part of them on the tip to kind a ‘V’ form.
  • The remaining fingers will probably be seen by the hole between the formation of the thumbs and index fingers.
  • Flip each fingers the wrong way up in order that now thumbs level up and index fingers level down (like within the above picture).
  • The form of the fingers will appear to be 4 sides diamond or a womb. The thumbs and index fingers signify the opening of the womb.
  • Press the thumb becoming a member of tip on the navel in order that the index finger becoming a member of tip factors in the direction of the pelvis.
  • Maintain the mudra for a number of minutes (ideally 10 minutes), focusing in your breath and the power in your pelvic flooring.
  • Launch the mudra by gently unclasping your fingers and putting your fingers in your knees, palms dealing with up or down in response to your psychological state.

Yoni mudra may be practised at any time of the day, ideally within the morning or earlier than mattress. It’s a nice mudra to start out or finish your day, serving to to convey focus, leisure and steadiness to your thoughts and physique.


Yoni mudra may be integrated with diaphragmatic respiratory to advertise a deep sense of calmness and elevated consciousness. One pranayama method for this respiratory is dirgha pranayama. Make yoni mudra, maintain it close to your navel and comply with the directions to apply dirgha pranayama. This pranayama method will increase lung capability and lets you breathe deeply into the chest.


Yoni mudra can be utilized in Kundalini yoga meditation to assist awaken the Kundalini power. On this apply, the Yoni mudra is commonly utilized in mixture with different methods, akin to deep respiratory and visualization.

A easy Kundalini meditation with Yoni mudra might contain sitting comfortably with the fingers within the Yoni mudra, specializing in the breath, and visualizing the power rising up by the chakras. This apply is assumed to advertise a way of calm and inside peace whereas additionally serving to to awaken non secular power.

When to Keep away from Working towards Yoni Mudra: Precautions to Hold in Thoughts

yoga for pregnancy
Picture: Canva

You probably have a bodily harm or ailment within the pelvic area, or in case your being pregnant is within the early stage, it’s greatest to keep away from yoni mudra.

It’s typically really useful to keep away from practising yoni mudra through the first trimester of being pregnant because it includes making use of strain on the navel and it influences power within the pelvic area, which might stimulate the uterus and probably set off contractions. Nevertheless, it may be achieved through the third trimester (close to childbirth). Then it would ease the labour ache.

Moreover, if you’re experiencing any extreme psychological issues akin to anxiousness, despair, or PTSD, it might be greatest to keep away from yoni mudra or every other kind of superior yoga apply till you have got consulted with a medical skilled or skilled yoga teacher.

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The Yoni Mudra, which symbolises a girl’s reproductive organs, calls forth the inventive potential of girls who give delivery to new life of their wombs. It’s a simple method to invoke the large female, inventive power inside us. Concentrating on this mudra will assist you see and make the most of your inside energy and the infinite alternative you have got even in a vital time.

Regularly Requested Questions on Yoni Mudra

Q. Can we do Yoni Mudra in periods?

Sure, yoni mudra can assist regulate menstrual cycles and customarily it’s protected to apply yoni mudra in periods. To control the emotional and bodily modifications that happen in periods, it depends upon female power. Each bodily ache and menstruation cramps are relieved by it.

Q. Is Yoni Mudra good for males?

Practising this mudra is taken into account an excellent train for women and men with fertility issues. Since it’s an especially efficient mudra to calm the thoughts, anyone can apply this mudra as a place to begin for meditation. Yoni mudra additionally harmonizes all of the 5 parts of the physique making it a go-to mudra for such functions.

Q. How yoni mudra works?

Becoming a member of your center, ring and little fingers on the center portion combines the energies from the appropriate and left fingers. Becoming a member of the ideas of your index fingers and thumbs, and pointing them down stimulates downward-flowing cleaning power. Bringing your thumbs collectively intensifies the upward circulate of prana for enhanced well being.


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