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9 Greatest Stretches for Runners (In line with a Working Coach)


Some research say you don’t have to trouble and others combat towards that by displaying how stretches for operating enhance your stride and forestall accidents. So what must you do?

Stretching is a crucial a part of any runner’s routine and might help enhance efficiency, scale back the chance of harm, and enhance total flexibility. And it’s extensively believed that runners ought to concentrate on stretching all muscle teams within the legs, hips, and decrease again (significantly with dynamic stretches earlier than operating).

Nevertheless, as talked about above, the effectiveness of stretching earlier than and after a run remains to be up for debate, as totally different research have produced contradictory findings.

Totally different individuals have totally different concepts about stretching, relying on their coach and the way they prepare. As a runner, it’s best to determine what works finest to your physique and when.

If that sounds such as you, and also you’re in search of one of the best total stretches for runners, then this text is ideal for you. Learn on to be taught every thing you want about stretches for runners.

Advantages of Stretching for Runners

Stretching might be useful for runners in multiple manner. It’s might help enhance flexibility and forestall stiffness and ache. Gently stretching after a run can even assist scale back soreness and tight muscle tissues.

With the jury out on it, right here’s what I consider as a operating coach about stretching, it may be a helpful a part of your routine to

  • Forestall lack of vary of movement
  • Enhance vary of movement after an harm
  • If it feels good, find time for it (I like how I really feel after 10 minutes on the ground within the night)
  • It’s a time to pressure runners to decelerate
  • We all know that tight hips imply you’ll be able to’t take a full stride
  • We all know that tightness in your IT Band might pull in your knee inflicting ache
  • We all know that tight calves can create points in your knees, ankles and Achilles

Alex Hutchenson has executed an intensive job of explaining why you don’t have to stretch…although he admits, he nonetheless does as a result of it feels good.

Anecdotally, I’ve simply seen so many runners that we coach scale back or get better from hip and knee accidents from incorporating it that I nonetheless assume stretching and extra importantly mobility workout routines are value it.

stretches for runneres

Sustaining Flexibility is Massively Necessary As We Age

Whereas researching issues that runners over 40, okay actually they had been principally 70+ did to maintain going sturdy when most would say they need to be house knitting, it seems flexibility was HUGE.

After each exercise, they spent a while stretching and most swore by it for serving to them to proceed going harm free for therefore a few years.

This is smart as a result of as we age we do lose flexibility and even previous to that we spend a lot time in sedentary positions that our muscle tissues grow to be tight, which impacts our total run.

Inform me you haven’t had the expertise of ending a run after which hopping in your automobile to drive house. You begin to get out of the automobile and really feel such as you’ve aged 30 years throughout the drive!  That’s the shortage of a cooldown and muscle tissues then tightening when you completed.

Two Most important Forms of Stretches

Relating to stretching for runners, there are a couple of several types of stretches that may be useful. Let’s have a look at the 2 most essential varieties for runners;

Static Stretches

Static stretching is the commonest kind of stretch for runners and consists of transferring a joint or muscle so far as potential and holding it there for an prolonged time frame.

Examples of static stretches embrace calf stretches, iliotibial band stretches, quadriceps stretches, hip flexor stretches, and gluteal stretches. It’s essential to carry every stretch for not less than 30 seconds to be able to get the total profit. These stretches are nice after a run.

Learn my information on post-run stretches to be taught extra.

Dynamic Stretches

Dynamic stretching is one other frequent kind of stretch. The purpose of dynamic stretching is to stretch your muscle tissues and joints for a set variety of reps by transferring via a variety of movement with management.

Examples of dynamic stretches embrace leg swings, knee circles, and strolling lunges. Dynamic stretching is nice for warming up the muscle tissues earlier than a run and might help enhance your stride size and operating effectivity.

Learn my information on dynamic stretches to be taught extra.

What Ought to the Greatest Stretches for Runners Focus On?

The most effective stretches for runners are going to concentrate on the areas that can probably convey us probably the most accidents:

One other space that’s typically ignored is the inside thigh. As with the opposite areas, when tight it may pull the knee out of alignment.

After that, when you’ve got a couple of minutes pick 2-3 stretches and get on it.

However do plan to spend a while later within the day doing somewhat extra stretching on particularly tight areas after which go on about your day. Now could be the time when you are able to do these static stretches that are forbidden previous to a run.

At this level, research present you’ll want to maintain the stretch for 1-minute minimal to get the utmost impression! In order that’s why I graciously mentioned to simply choose a pair to do every day as a result of I do know you received’t spend 10 minutes right here.

The explanation static stretches are useful after a run (by no means earlier than) is as a result of it helps the muscle to launch the stress created throughout the run and proceed to enhance circulation. That circulation is what’s carrying all of the nutrient-rich blood to your muscle tissues to jump-start the restore course of.

Plus, we all know that tight muscle tissues trigger issues to drag out of alignment, after which our kind will get all wonky after which we now have ache, after which properly we aren’t operating.

9 Greatest Stretches for Runners General

These operating stretches are a part of my night routine which helps me to unwind or are what I do after I end a energy coaching session to maintain listening to podcasts I haven’t completed. These particularly should be in your every day routine in case you are experiencing decrease again ache whereas operating.

running stretches

1. Calf Stretch

The calf stretch is an effective way to focus on the muscle tissues in your decrease leg and assist enhance flexibility.

To carry out this stretch, stand going through a wall with one foot ahead and the opposite again. Place your arms on the wall for help and lean into the wall till you’re feeling a stretch in your calf muscle.

Maintain this place for 30 seconds earlier than switching legs. You can even do that stretch whereas seated.

2. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

The hip flexor stretch is an effective way to focus on the muscle tissues in your hips and assist enhance flexibility. To carry out this stretch, begin in a kneeling place on each of your knees. Step your left knee ahead and place your left foot flat on the mat in entrance of you.

Straighten your higher physique and lengthen your proper leg behind you to deepen the stretch. Gently lean ahead into the stretch. Maintain for no less than 30 seconds.

For a extra superior model, attain behind and seize your proper ankle. Launch the stretch by leaning again after which swap to your left knee.

3. Ahead Fold IT Band Stretch

This can be a nice one so as to add to your stretching routine to stretch your IT band correctly.

To carry out this stretch, begin by standing. Then cross your proper foot over your left foot. You’ll discover that your ft should not touching along with your toes in line.

Subsequent, hinge at your hips and ahead fold in direction of the ground. Whereas doing this, have interaction your belly muscle tissues by bringing your stomach button in in direction of the backbone. This will even scale back the pull within the low again.

Attempt to hold your legs as straight as potential, and attain your fingers in direction of the ground. In case you can’t contact all the best way, that’s completely okay.

Keep right here for no less than 30 seconds, after which swap sides.

4. Cobbler’s Pose

This can be a nice yoga-based stretching train that opens up your hips and groin.

To carry out this stretch, start seated along with your legs stretched out straight in entrance of you. Then bend your knees and produce the soles of your ft collectively and permit your knees to fall out to both facet.

Draw your ft in as near your physique as potential and press the outer edges of your ft collectively. Wrap your arms round your toes and look ahead. Now bend ahead until it’s snug and maintain this place for not less than 30 seconds.

5. Supine Hamstring Stretch

The supine hamstring stretch is an effective way to focus on the muscle tissues in your hamstrings and assist enhance flexibility. To carry out this stretch, lie in your again with one leg bent and the opposite straight.

Place your arms behind your thigh and pull it in direction of you as you left your leg along with your ft flexed. Pull it till you’re feeling a stretch in your hamstring. Maintain this place for 30 seconds earlier than switching legs.

6. Quadriceps Stretch

The quad stretch is an effective way to focus on your quadriceps and provides them a superb stretch.

To carry out this stretch, stand with one foot ahead and the opposite again. Bend your entrance knee and seize your ankle along with your hand.

Pull your heel up in direction of your glutes till you’re feeling a stretch within the entrance of your thigh. Maintain this place for 30 seconds after which swap sides.

Right here’s a video of those static stretches for runners to assist.

7. Butt Kicks

This can be a nice dynamic heat up transfer that targets your quads, hip flexors, and hamstrings concurrently.

To carry out this stretch, begin jogging in place and as you jog convey every heel up in direction of your buttocks. Begin slowly and it’ll heat up your hamstrings.

Preserve doing it for as much as 30 seconds after which take a 15-second break and repeat once more.

8. Heel Lifts

Heel lifts are an effective way to advertise ankle mobility and forestall accidents and strains total.

To carry out this stretch, begin by standing with the again straight. Then slowly stand up onto the balls of your really feel. Be sure you’re not locking your knees whereas doing this.

Maintain this place for 20-30 seconds after which decrease the heels again all the way down to the ground. Repeat for 3-4 reps.

9. Leg Swings

A go to dynamic stretch that can get the blood flowing and assist with ache and stiffness.

To carry out this stretch, stand upright with a wall or pole to at least one facet of your physique. Carry the leg on the alternative facet and begin swinging it up in entrance of you after which again behind you.

Repeat this movement backwards and forwards like a pendulum swing whereas holding your core engaged. Carry out 10-15 leg swings after which swap legs.

Is it good to stretch earlier than you run?

No. Cease it. Don’t do it.

We’ve seen research present that static stretching earlier than a run can really result in accidents and scale back your velocity. As a substitute, we would like you to spend your time on a correct heat up which is able to activate your glutes, core and get the physique prepped to work laborious.

This could get complicated as a result of we name them dynamic stretches. So consider it as a dynamic heat up, by no means an extended maintain stretch.

What Stretches Ought to a Starting Runner Do?

Newbie, superior, older, youthful, stretches are the identical for all of us.  The one exception is when you could have an harm and have to not overextend a sure muscle group.

The above stretches are an ideal place to begin after which you’ll be able to transfer on to the extra superior issues talked about beneath like mobility or sure YOGA for runners.

Further Methods to Enhance Restoration:

Since we all know stretching isn’t the be all finish all, what else must you be doing??

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