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Candy Potatoes for Diabetes? Good or Not?


Candy potatoes belong to the starchy vegetable class. And for individuals with diabetes, starchy greens are an enormous no. However that’s not the case with candy potatoes. These greens are an ideal superfood for diabetics too.

There are numerous sorts of candy potatoes. White, purple and orange candy potatoes are the favored ones. The excellent news is that every one styles of candy potatoes, excluding solely the white ones,  are protected for consumption in average portions by individuals with diabetes.  Additionally, this veggie is excessive in fibre and plenty of different vitamins.

As per this examine, within the case of diabetes, carbohydrates sparsely can assist metabolism. So it reduces the dangers of diabetes and helps handle it too. Furthermore, having it may give the required power to diabetics. Additionally, the dietary fibre current in candy potatoes can do wonders for you.

Dietary Values of Candy Potatoes

Understanding the dietary values of candy potatoes may let you understand what your physique is getting from them.

The next knowledge is as per this USDA for a 100g of uncooked candy potatoes:

  • Proteins: 1.57g
  • Vitality: 86kCal
  • Carbohydrates: 20.1g
  • Fibre: 3g
  • Sodium: 55mg
  • Iron: 0.61mg
  • Folate: 11µg
  • Starch: 12.6g
  • Potassium: 47mg
  • Beta Carotene: 8510µg
  • Vitamin A: 709µg
  • Vitamin Okay: 1.8µg
  • Calcium: 30mg

Are Candy Potatoes Good for Diabetes?

Common potatoes are a preferred favorite. From Telangana Potato Kurma to Bengal’s Potato Biryani, the vegetable has its place in all kitchens. Furthermore, within the type of french fries, potatoes are greater than a well-known enjoyable meals. However potatoes in massive portions are unhealthy for diabetes.

Given this, going by the identify, candy potatoes appear to be an arch enemy of diabetes. However is there fact on this assumption? Let’s discover out.

Many individuals mistakenly imagine that potatoes and candy potatoes are from the identical household and supply related diet. Nevertheless, this isn’t true. Candy potatoes have a medium Glycemic index worth, whereas potatoes have a excessive GI worth. Moreover, candy potatoes are larger in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, whereas common potatoes comprise extra potassium, Vitamin B1, and folic acid.

Nutritionists advocate you eat meals low on the glycemic index and consumption good carbs, plentiful fibre and important nutritional vitamins. Such a food regimen is right, particularly for individuals with diabetes. And candy potatoes are the proper instance of such a food regimen. These are low in carbs and medium GI, good with fibre and have nice nutritional vitamins.

The HealthifyMe Be aware

Candy potatoes come in several varieties with completely different dietary values. It’s a medium GI meals (64 to 70). Moreover, the cooking methodology for candy potatoes can change their glycemic index. One often goes for boiling, roasting, and baking when getting ready candy potatoes. Boiled or steamed candy potatoes have a decrease glycemic index, whereas baked or different cooked candy potatoes have a better GI. So, in case you have diabetes or need to reduce the chance of diabetes, select to eat boiled candy potatoes. 

Glycemic Index of Candy Potatoes

Earlier than understanding the GI of candy potatoes, tell us what the glycemic index(GI) is. GI is the measure of how shortly a meals’s carbs get digested and launch glucose into your physique. Meals excessive in GI are digested shortly and trigger spiked blood sugar ranges.

Meals that rating a variety of 55 or much less are low on the GI index. These above 55 and as much as 69 are thought of to have a medium GI. Lastly, wherever above 69 is a meals excessive on GI. So it will assist in case you analysed the meals’s GI ranges.

Now, candy potatoes, when boiled, have a low GI of 46. And that, too, the time of boiling impacts this index. Analysis reveals that the cooking strategies can alter the construction and nature of the starches leading to vital results on postprandial blood glucose responses. The next boiling interval means a decrease GI. Moreover, a candy potato that you just devour roasted has a glycemic index of greater than 82. In relation to baking, the veggie’s GI goes as much as 94 and extra. Lastly, in case you eat them fried, the GI shall be at 76.

To sum all of it up, candy potatoes have a low GI and are appropriate for diabetes when consumed boiled. So, can individuals with diabetes eat candy potatoes? In fact, sure!

Candy Potatoes Advantages for Diabetes Sufferers

A number of widespread advantages of candy potatoes for diabetes are as follows:

Beta-Carotene for Imaginative and prescient

The rationale for orange flesh in candy potatoes is due to beta-carotene. This oxidant is a pigment that offers orangeness to any fruit or vegetable. The antioxidant, when consumed, results in Vitamin A.  Nevertheless you might need to overeat the orange number of candy potato as they’ve a better GI as in comparison with different ones.

A examine stresses that an abundance of beta-carotene can enhance eyesight. Individuals with diabetes are susceptible to imaginative and prescient loss. So together with candy potatoes wealthy in beta-carotene can have good eye well being.

Low GI for Regulated Blood Sugar

You may already know that meals low in GI swimsuit individuals with diabetes. Additionally, these meals present constructive results in releasing glucose into your bloodstream. Subsequently, there shall be no hazard when glucose will get slowly launched into the bloodstream.

Excessive Fibre for Diminished Cravings and Weight Loss

Individuals with diabetes, particularly these with kind 2 diabetes, should ingest extra fibre. In keeping with this examine, larger dietary fibre reduces the chance of kind 2 diabetes. Moreover, you are feeling satiated for longer when there’s a good fibre consumption. Thus, you’ll eat much less and be wholesome. Subsequently, in the end, weight reduction is a superb profit.

Loaded with Vitamin C for Preventing Irritation

Attributable to insulin resistance and elevated unmonitored glucose, irritation arises. Irritation at excessive ranges can deliver opposed results to you. Thus, it’s essential to take measures to lower it by taking Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a wealthy nutrient in candy potatoes. Vitamin C in candy potatoes can assist you scale back irritation. Therefore, diabetes should devour candy potatoes.

Starch in Candy Potato for Insulin Sensitivity

Candy potato is a starchy vegetable. Though starch isn’t appropriate for diabetes most often, candy potato starch is aceptable. This veggie’s starch helps scale back insulin resistance, as per this examine. Additionally, it helps within the administration of the produced insulin. Thus, for acceptable glucose and insulin within the physique, candy potatoes are crucial.


Diabetes is a situation that requires cautious meal planning and prep. Together with nutrient-dense meals like candy potatoes is an efficient possibility to contemplate given it’s array of advantages together with rating low on the GI index. Typically, we over-consume superfoods, considering it’s appropriate for our system. Nevertheless, all the time practise portion management. Consuming small meals and following a wholesome plate methodology that covers all meals teams can assist you handle your situation higher.  talking to the knowledgeable assist such because the nutritionists at HealthifyMe can assist.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Q. Is nice potato good for diabetic sufferers?

A: Sure, candy potatoes are appropriate for diabetic sufferers. This vegetable accommodates wonderful dietary advantages. It has beta carotene, extra fibre and different vitamins worthwhile for an individual with diabetes. Regardless, one should eat a boiled candy potato to watch a low spike in blood sugar ranges.

Q. Can diabetics eat candy potatoes each day?

A: Individuals with diabetes can gladly eat candy potatoes on a regular basis however in further cautious method. Don’t over indulge and it’ll be useful in case you have it boiled to maintain the GI worth low.

Q. How a lot candy potato can a diabetic eat?

A: Relatively than the variety of candy potatoes, one should focus on counting the carbs consumption. For instance, one with diabetes should consumption carbohydrates in a amount of 15-20 grams per main meal. So, being excessive in carbs, an individual with diabetes ought to eat solely half or one small candy potato boiled per day. Such a measurement of candy potato may give 15 grams or fewer carbs, which is wholesome sufficient for you.

Q. Can candy potato spike blood sugar?

A: It is determined by many components. For instance, orange species of candy potatoes are excessive in GI. Additionally, any candy potato, baked, roasted, or fried, has a better GI as in comparison with boiled ones. Thus, whereas a boiled candy potato is unlikely to present sudden unhealthy spike in blood sugar the opposite one’s do pose some threat given the general healt standing of the particular person consumed.

Q. Does boiled candy potato increase blood sugar?

A: Typically, uncooked candy potatoes are medium to excessive in GI. Analysis reveals that when boiled, cooking can alter the construction and nature of the starches leading to vital results on postprandial blood glucose responses. Higher quantities of resistant starches could have been retained within the boiled meals, which assist to manage spike in blood sugars.

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