Thursday, April 25, 2024

Having fun with The Sunshine – BionicOldGuy


I went for my first sunny experience of the brand new 12 months yesterday. It was a pleasantly cool hour-long experience on my recumbent. Now we have much more rain coming, so I’ve to reap the benefits of the solar whereas I can. I’ve been understanding in my indoor fitness center or utilizing my train bike on days with heavy rain. In mild rain, I nonetheless go outdoors with my rain gear and my utility bike which has fenders.

All of the rainfall has made it good and inexperienced round right here.

Sciatica Comply with-up

I noticed my Doc concerning the ache down my proper leg late final week, and from a mixture of poking, prodding, and seeing what actions trigger ache, she got here up with a preliminary analysis that this can be a drawback within the sacroiliac (“SI”) joint. This will trigger ache radiating down the leg much like sciatica. She’s sending me for x-rays and an MRI tomorrow for additional analysis and to rule out different potentialities like spinal points. She doesn’t suppose it’s piriformis syndrome this time, which I had previously. That explains why doing all of the PT workout routines I discovered beforehand has not helped a lot. She has additionally referred me for PT on the present difficulty, which is able to begin on the tenth. Within the meantime, I’m doing workout routines I’ve discovered on the internet for SI dysfunction and utilizing warmth and chilly. This appears to be serving to some so I’m hopeful that skilled PT will assist much more. Fortuitously, biking is nice for the SI joint so long as I don’t overdo it, so I can stay energetic whereas that is rehabbing.


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