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How To Work With This Week’s Final Quarter Moon In Libra


The month’s upcoming quarter moon falls on January 14 at 9:10 pm EDT. As it’s possible you’ll know, new moons are a time to set intentions and begin on tasks or objectives, whereas full moons are a time to launch what’s not working. With any final quarter moon between the complete and new, then, the emphasis continues to be on releasing, so you may have a clear slate by the point the brand new moon arrives. (Which occurs on January 21, BTW.)

And within the case of this month’s final quarter moon, it would fall in Libra, an indication all about stability, peace, and justice. In the meantime, the solar is shifting by way of its final leg of Capricorn season already, and Mercury is retrograde (till January 18) in Capricorn as effectively.

Fortunately, Mars is lastly out of its retrograde interval—and within the signal of Gemini—forming a harmonious trine with the moon in fellow air signal, Libra. With Mars direct as soon as extra, we could have a newly emboldened urge to deal with what we have been laying aside. Whereas the pink planet was retrograde, issues had been undoubtedly shifting sluggish, and it’s possible you’ll discover your power and motivation coming again full power.

The planet of affection and wonder, Venus, may also be trining the moon because it falls in air signal Aquarius, which is favorable power for clean relationship crusing—simply remember that Mercury continues to be retrograde for only a bit longer, so we do nonetheless wish to assume earlier than we converse and double verify the whole lot.


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