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Is Chana Good for Diabetes?


Chana, also called Bengal Gram or Chickpea, is a go-to protein supply for vegetarians and vegans. It’s a staple in Indian households. The excessive fibre, protein, vitamin, and mineral content material of chana have quite a few well being advantages.

A few of the advantages embrace weight administration and improved digestion. However is chana equally appropriate for an individual with diabetes?

Sure, chana is a superb breakfast or snack choice for these with diabetes. Moreover, your blood glucose ranges will stay constant all through the day by including managed parts of chana to a balanced food plan.

Forms of Chana

Chana is a legume and is expounded to beans and peas. They arrive in numerous colors, reminiscent of black, brown, inexperienced, and purple. Nonetheless, probably the most recognised color of chana is beige.

They’ve a nutty style and a buttery texture. Immediately, chana is prevalent in all elements of the world, particularly in Turkey, North Africa, Spain and India.

There are three varieties of chana; desi or kala (black) chana, kabuli or safed (white) chana, and chana dal. All of them are fully completely different from one another in form, color, and style. You’ll be able to put together infinite dishes from these three forms of chana.

Desi Chana

Desi chana is named kala chana (black chickpea), Bengal gram, or chola boot. It’s smaller, darker and has extra of a tough coat. The inexperienced chana you see out there is desi chana however earlier than its drying course of. Desi chana is extra prefered due to its style and scent.

Sprouted kala chana is a nutritious addition to a diabetic meal plan. Additionally, sprouting decreases the starch content material by 10% and will increase fibre content material.

These are the dual explanation why sprouted chana is nice for diabetes. You get 15-20g of protein, 45-60g of carbs, and 12-13g of dietary fibre from 100 grams of desi chana.

Kabuli Chana

Kabuli chana, also called safed chana, is comparatively rounder and bigger than the desi kind. Their coats are clean with a lighter color, often creamy white. This chana takes up water effectively and is straightforward to prepare dinner after soaking.

Kabuli Chana has a decrease fibre stage than desi ones. Consequently, they’re additionally barely greater in energy. It includes 22% protein, 14% fats, and 64% carbs.

Chana Dal

Chana dal is also called cut up yellow gram or cut up desi-chickpea. First, it goes via a strategy of elimination of the seed coat. After that, it will get cut up in half.

About 80% of the desi chana in India is hulled and cut up to make chana dal. Most individuals grind chana dal into chickpea flour or besan as a diabetes-friendly various to common flour or maida.

Chana dal could look just like Arhar dal however incorporates extra vitamin B1, fibre, and folate.

Is Chana Good for Diabetes?

Some meals can assist management your blood sugar ranges, one in all them being chana. Right here is why chana is nice for diabetes:

Excessive in Protein

Chana is likely one of the greatest plant-based sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans. Furthermore, protein is important to your physique, particularly for diabetic sufferers.

One half-cup serving of chana has 6 grams of protein. A 1-cup (164 g) serving gives 14.5 grams of protein, equal to the protein content material in lentils and black beans.

Research present that when diabetic sufferers eat protein- and fibre-rich greens earlier than carbohydrates, their post-meal blood sugar ranges are higher managed. And analysis findings state that the bioavailability of chana protein within the human physique is greater than different pulses.

Analysis means that swapping purple meat for protein-packed legumes like chickpeas advantages intestine well being and lowers kind 2 diabetes and coronary heart illness danger. It additionally results in a modest enchancment in fasting glucose and fasting insulin.

Low Glycemic Index

Chana is a well known meals with a low glycemic index. Consequently, it makes it appropriate for diabetes. Chana, together with canned ones, has a glycemic index worth between 28-40.

Consuming meals with a low glycemic index prevents massive fluctuations in your blood sugar ranges. Low glycemic index carbs in chana guarantee a steadier and gradual rise in blood sugar after a meal.

Research additionally assist that low-GI diets enhance glycemic management. It additionally reduces physique weight. As well as, it’s notably useful for obese or overweight folks with prediabetes or diabetes.

Wealthy in Fibre

Chana is a powerhouse of dietary fibre. For folks with diabetes seeking to reduce weight, the fibre retains you glad longer and prevents overeating.

The physique can’t take up and break down fibre as rapidly as different carbohydrates. So, fibre doesn’t trigger blood sugar ranges to spike as quickly. It helps to maintain blood sugar ranges in your goal vary.

The HealthifyMe Word

Chana is a superb supply of vitamin for diabetes sufferers as they’re excessive in fibre and protein. This legume can be low on the glycemic index, which makes it a great snack alternative for folks with diabetes. As well as, soaked, sprouted, or roasted chana can assist decrease calorie consumption in overweight or obese folks with diabetes. 

Find out how to Eat Chana for Diabetes?

The most effective half about chana is you can put together it in numerous methods. So that you don’t have to eat the identical dish each time.

  • A more healthy choice is kala chana chat. You’ll be able to chop onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and inexperienced chillies and blend them with a cup of boiled black chana.
  • Boiled and sprouted chana are greatest for breakfast. A wholesome combination of boiled chana and different contemporary greens will assist to maintain your blood sugar ranges balanced all through the day.
  • Hummus is a flavorful, nutrient-dense dip or unfold constituted of cooked, mashed chickpeas. A survey examine exhibits that individuals who ate chickpeas and hummus have greater nutrient and fibre intakes than non-consumers. Can add a line on including roasted kala chana as a helpful snack on the go.

One other examine says the postprandial glucose responses have been 4 occasions decrease than white bread after consuming hummus. All these findings point out that conventional hummus will be part of a balanced diabetes food plan.

Managing Diabetes like a Professional

When you’ve diabetes, you should be conscious of what you eat and the way it will have an effect on your blood sugar ranges.

The HealthifyPRO steady glucose monitoring (CGM) system presents around-the-clock glucose readings. In contrast to a single studying take a look at, a CGM gives real-time alerts in case your glucose ranges are trending greater or decrease.

Steady suggestions in your food plan from a CGM can assist you make extra knowledgeable and more healthy meals decisions.

At HealthifyMe, the licensed coaches provide one-on-one consultations that will help you handle your food plan and train for diabetes management.


Chana is a nutritious supply of plant-based protein and fibre. It’s wholesome low-glycemic meals to all the time have readily available.

Folks with diabetes should have a well-balanced meal plan consisting of protein and fibre. They work collectively to maintain your blood sugar ranges beneath management. Chana additionally ensures a decrease postprandial blood glucose stage.

In case you are attempting to reduce weight to enhance insulin resistance, then kala chana is an effective choice. Be at liberty to take pleasure in boiled, roasted, or sprouted chana as much as 2 small bowls per day! Nonetheless, as with most issues, moderation is vital. An excessive amount of chana can result in issues, reminiscent of gastric discomfort.

Continuously Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is white chana good for diabetes?

A. White chana is a nutritious legume appropriate for a diabetes food plan chart. Being low within the Glycemic Index, white chana wouldn’t trigger dangerous blood sugar spikes. Moreover proteins, white chana can be a great supply of dietary fibre. Due to this fact, folks with diabetes, pre-diabetics, folks attempting to reduce weight, and everybody else can eat white chana and profit from it.

Q. Can a diabetic eat roasted chana?

A. Roasted chana is a wholesome snack. Its excessive fibre and excessive protein content material take longer to digest. Consequently, you are feeling full for prolonged durations and keep away from senseless snacking. It additionally retains the blood sugar stage at a secure vary. Due to this fact, roasted chana is an ideal diabetic-friendly snack. Nonetheless, don’t add synthetic flavourings, calorie-dense seasonings, or extra salt whereas roasting chana.

Q. Does chana scale back sugar?

A. Chana has a low glycemic index. Due to this fact, it’s very best for regulating blood sugar ranges post-meal. As well as, its excessive fibre and protein content material helps forestall blood sugar spikes. Consequently, it makes chana a superb alternative for folks with diabetes seeking to handle their situation.

Q. Is boiled kala chana good for diabetics?

A. Sure, boiled kala chana is nice for diabetes. One serving of black or kala chana gives practically 13 grams of dietary fibre. Excessive fibre consumption contributes to raised blood sugar administration.

Q. Does Channa increase blood sugar?

A. Chana has a low glycemic index and is wealthy in fibre and protein. Due to this fact, it doesn’t increase blood sugar ranges. Nonetheless, the advantages will solely be current if you eat chana accurately and in the appropriate quantities. Consuming chana with a carb-heavy food plan is not going to profit your blood sugar administration.

Q. What are the disadvantages of chana?

A. Consuming chana in really useful quantities is not going to trigger any unwanted side effects. Nonetheless, extra consumption can improve allergic reactions, fuel, bloating, and discomfort. Like most legumes, presoak and prepare dinner chana to forestall toxicity.

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