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Aquarius & Most cancers Compatibility: Love, Friendships + Extra


There’s a pure fascination between Most cancers (the crab) and Aquarius (the water bearer) from the second they meet. They side each other in a quincunx, which implies they’re 150 levels away from the opposite on the astrological wheel.

The vibration of the quincunx side makes it tough for this pair totally see the opposite, which creates nice thriller, curiosity, and intrigue within the different. Their vibration lies someplace in between a sq. and opposition, which leaves them in a limbo of stress that boils over into unimaginable attraction.

Quincunx pairs all the time do finest if they’re able to incorporate autonomy of their partnership due to their vastly completely different astrological compositions. Most cancers is a cardinal, yin, water signal—whereas Aquarius is a fastened, yang, air signal—which makes combining their power weird, but stimulating.

Most cancers’s planetary ruler is the moon, which governs emotion, whereas Aquarius’ two planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, rule construction and radicality. Astrologically talking, these two have completely nothing in frequent. But, inside their variations, a magical area is created that fosters their dynamism for each other.

By way of compatibility (aka synastry), you need to take each folks’s complete delivery chart under consideration, not simply their solar signal, to get the total image. However with that stated, here is extra on how Aquarius and Most cancers fare in love and friendship, plus how they’re comparable and completely different.


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